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At Pickard Design Studio, our award-winning interior designers and architects operate from the principle that good design is born out of our unique ability to truly listen to our clients. With a passion for great light, textures, patterns and shapes, our design team works diligently to create interior designs that embody our clients’ tastes and that are memorably experienced by our clients’ own customers.

Beautifully Uniting Form & Function in Interior Design

As each project is unique, the Pickard Design Studio team examines the form and the function of each space so as to highlight the space’s beauty and sophistication while embracing the space’s need for functionality. Our unique interior design installations are specifically created to allow each space the ability to be experienced with all the senses. The critical analysis of each design detail in a space and its effective communication is the hallmark of Pickard Design Studio.

Whether working in a residential environment, luxury hotel, restaurant, spa, country club or the interior design of a private or commercial jet, our nationally acclaimed designers and architects beautifully unite the form and function of every interior design project.


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